💐💐💐 Currently, the Gemini Pro model is open for free use without any restrictions. GPT-3.5-turbo is no longer available for free.

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Artificial intelligence lets you create anything for you quickly and easily. At the same time, he is also a polymath, and you can find the answer to any question you have.

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How do I make an HTTP request in Javascript?

Please provide me with a detailed planning report.


Provide the ultimate conversation experience.

Simulate conversation with human users.


The information provided by AI may be inaccurate.

Your conversation AI cannot understand.

More features

Claude3 Opus/Sonnet/Haiku
GPT-4 Trubo/8K/32K
Mistral Large/Small
Llama2 13B/70B
Solar Solar mini
Cohere Command R+
Google Gemini Gemini Pro/Vision
AI Painting Dalle/SD XL
Assistant Retrieval/Interpreter
More Speech/Search

Using AI for content writing

AI Generate content in seconds

Product Benefits

Create a bullet point list of your product benefits that appeal to your customers to purchase.

Provides Useful Suggestions

Analyze data and generate insights to help writers create more engaging and informative content.

Suggest Improvements

Need to improve your existing content? Our AI will rewrite and improve the content for you.

Social Media Ads

Create ads copies for your social media - make an impact with your online marketing campaigns.

Product Description

Create a perfect description for your products to engage your customers to click and buy.

Blog Post & Articles

Generate optimized blog post and articles to get organic traffic - making you visible to the world.

How AI works

A few steps to let WeexAI generate content

Select a content model

Simply select a model from the available list to write your blog posts, product descriptions, storytelling, website content, and more.

The latest OPENAI models such as GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 are available.
There are also Claude3、Mistral models available.
AI painting supports Dalle/SD XL models.

Describe your needs

Give our AI content writer a few sentences of what you want to write about and it will start writing for you, with clearer descriptions and more accurate content.

Just provide some input as a prompt word.
Enter a prompt word, such as [to explore the Madagascar wildlife on a budget]
Generate content for your FaceBook homepage and product descriptions.

Generate high-quality content

Our powerful artificial intelligence tools will generate content in seconds, and you can then publish it wherever you want without any authorization.

Extremely fast content generation in just 3 seconds.
All content is unique and original and available for commercial use.
Window context supports up to 75,000 words.


Choose an upgrade plan

Low Usage
Very suitable for casual experience

Basic Plan

  • ≈ 825,000 words
  • Low Usage
  • Always available
  • Any model available
  • 24 hours customer service support
Tailored for most users

Standard Plan

  • ≈ 1,875,000 words
  • Moderate experience
  • Always available
  • Any model available
  • 24 hours customer service support
Ideal for writers and language lovers

Premium Plan

  • ≈ 5,850,000 words
  • High Usage
  • Always available
  • Any model available
  • 24 hours customer service support
As you wish
Empowering language creators

Elite Plan

  • ≈ 10,200,000 words
  • High Usage
  • Always available
  • Any model available
  • 24 hours customer service support

Frequently Asked Questions

What AI models are available for use?

We currently support Google Gemini Pro (free), GPT3.5 - 4K/16K, GPT4 - Turbo/8K/32K, Claude3 Opus/Sonnet/Haiku, Mistral Large/Small, DALL·E 2, DALL·E 3, Stable Diffusion v2.1, Stable Diffusion XL v1.0, and more.

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How is billing done?
What is the difference between the free plan and the paid plan?
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Does using AI content require any authorization?